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Our Story

In 1991, Melvin, Henry and Doug decided it was time to create their own label. To their dismay they met with discouragement from their legal advisors and Malaco Records, their record company at that time. Both Melvin and Doug spent many worried nights wondering if they could really succeed. They knew that having a business for the future when they stopped performing was a wise decision, but it was the biggest leap of faith they had ever contemplated.

They spoke with their brother, Frank, who had already become the director of the Gospel Divison for Malaco. He gave them the advice they needed. "Trust the Lord, and trust yourselves. If you think you are ready, then you are ready. I'll help you any way I can."

Since their booking agency had been called Blackberry Entertainment, it was an easy decision to name the new record company. Blackberry Records was born in April 1991, and since that time the company's projects have received several Grammy and Stellar nominations. The first release "This Is Your Night" was nominated for a Grammy Award and won a Stellar Award.

Blackberry Records and The Williams Brothers have never looked back, and their mission is still the same as always: to spread the good news of Jesus Christ through anointed and professionally produced albums, and to be instrumental in taking the Gospel to the next level through ministry and education.

Stay tuned for EXCITING NEWS about the NEW RELEASES coming from Blackberry Records in 2017 and the FRESH NEW DIRECTION for the company!